Customers looking for dedicated hosting of their servers will find that The Internet Centre has a convenient location in the south side of Edmonton. Combined with the ability to leverage customized networking, direct access via our internet services, and competitive pricing, we present a very attractive option versus competing offerings.

Our secure data centre facility is on the south side of Edmonton, Alberta, and crafted to serve those looking to physically host one or more servers.

Our features include:

  • multi-path BGP-peered network
  • video recorded entryway
  • keyfob entry with logging
  • located ground-level
  • unescorted and escorted access
  • automatic fail-over power system
  • power conditioning
  • battery backup
  • diesel generator
  • temperature monitoring

We provide solutions for those in need of any amount of space: per rack-unit, half rack, or full rack. Customization is also available, such as:

  • specific power receptacles
  • networking structure, between racks and with other services we offer
  • non-standard equipment, like tower servers
  • links to equipment on the rooftop, for line-of-sight or GPS visibility

Additionally, bundling our other services with colocation has even more benefits. Compared to most other colocation & connectivity providers, you will face fewer hops and low latency. If security is a paramount concern, we can customize networking to create a single point of entry for your network in our data centre, and help you find & purchase a solid edge device to firewall your important information. Bundling can as well greatly reduce traffic usage, as we measure traffic only when it leaves or enters our network. This means that data within our network – say, a nightly backup, from an office connected with our DSL to a server in our data centre – is not measured.

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