Cloud hosting is the most modern way to deliver services to date. Whereas traditionally, a company would need to purchase or lease a server, colocation space to house it, and to handle hardware issues and upgrades as necessary. Cloud hosting simplifies everything. By grouping servers together with advanced software, resources can be distributed to virtual servers. Upgrading and managing hardware are the responsibility of the service provider, removing the regular, costly expenses companies incur for server hardware replacements. The Internet Centre offers this as a scaleable, turnkey service.

With cloud hosting, you can:

  • Ensure your website and email, and applications maintain excellent uptime
  • Back up your critical data to a different location
  • Centralize a custom application on our multi-gigabit backbone
  • Scale up your processing power as needed
  • and more

So, if excellent up-time and high levels of redundancy appeal to you, they are standard for virtual servers in our cloud. Comprehensive management access is provided via web interface, complete with console access, monitoring, and much more. When you find yourself in need of more resources, The Internet Centre can build you a new solution, with as much processing, memory, and storage as you require, and assist you in migrating too.

Our Cloud services are tailored for each customer to ensure they receive the capability they require. Pre-designed packages often provide too much of some resources and lack in others, forcing upgrades to higher costs. Contact us, and we’ll start customizing a solution for you right away.

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