About The Internet Centre

What We Do

The Internet Centre is a full-service, Edmonton-based, IT infrastructure company. We provide a variety of business and residential connectivity services, business-class VoIP/Hosted PBX telephone related services, SIP trunking, web hosting, and domain registration. Additionally we operate a secure 3,000 sqft data centre, complete with a cloud hosting environment, co-location for clients, and redundant power & connectivity systems. All of these services are topped by outstanding personalized technical support.

Our focus is quality of service and support for the businesses of Western Canada. Competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff, and ethical responsibility are the key ingredients in our recipe for excellence. We are locally owned, locally operated, and devoted to the healthy world of Canadian business.

Our History

In 1994, The Internet Centre became the first commercial internet service provider in Alberta. We are now celebrating more than 24 years as an ISP, and we’re one of the few remaining independents. We have remained and thrived because of our excellent staff, quality support, and flexibility in the rapidly developing technology sector. We are focused on helping other businesses succeed by provided services they can rely on.

How We Do it

Our key asset which separates us from the competition is our quality of customer support. We don’t use offshore call centres and script readers. Humans answer our phones. Each of our technical staff is able to analyze a problem and either solve it on the spot, or pass it to another staff member who can solve it.

Our South-Edmonton location includes a monitored, secure co-location Data Centre and Cloud Hosting Environment, with multiple upstream connections. It’s backed by fully-conditioned power supported by a UPS/generator combination.

Given the agile nature of our company, we can offer more flexible solutions, at more competitive pricing, than the mainstream providers.

Present Day – The merger of Racknine with The Internet Centre

In early 2018 the expertise of RackNine merged with The Internet Centre under The Internet Centre banner. This strategic alliance was headed by Matt Meier, RackNine’s founder, and now CEO of the Internet Centre.

The combination of RackNine’s skill in all things cloud and data driven and its ability to create and tailor unique solutions for any computational business requirement blends perfectly with the core business infrastructure of The Internet Centre. It makes the company a start to finish solution for any business that critically depends on technology.