Outstanding Technical Support & Customer Service

  • High levels of expertise without repetitive delays and escalation
  • All staff are located at our main office/NOC in Edmonton
  • Maintain conversation with the same tech through calls and emails
  • No extended wait times
  • Access to management if needed
  • Make payments online & via phone call

Affordable Voice Solutions

Move to a managed voice-over-IP system and save.

Lines starting at $24.99/mo

Businesses are often charged upward of $80/mo per line for traditional services – not anymore. If you’ve had enough of high rates for your phones, give us a call.

Mix & Match

Whether you need one phone and one line, one hundred phones and thirty lines, adapters for your fax, or any combination, we can help build your solution.

Limitless Features

With older systems, features were licensed, expensive, and limited. Our VOIP services include nearly ever feature you can imagine, including IVR, automatic scheduled changes, forwarding, find-and-follow, and much more.

Long Distance Freedom

A key feature of our VOIP service is the flat line rates – including long distance calling. Nearly all of continental North America is covered – no fees. Our per-minute rates for worldwide calling are outstanding too.

Hosted & Managed PBX

VOIP at The Internet Centre doesn’t require any cumbersome hardware on your premises. Customers are set up with their own software PBX, managed by our support staff. Need to make a change? No expensive service visits from a tech.

Buy or Lease

Whether you’d prefer to purchase your phones outright or lease them over time, we can accommodate. Purchased hardware has a 1-year warranty, and leased hardware is covered for the duration of the contract.


Business DSL

When it comes to DSL, our focus is on quality of service and quality of support. What could be more important? You want your service to work well, and when it’s doesn’t for whatever reason, you want fast, efficient, intelligent support.


  • 6/1 Mbps bandwidth
  • 1 static IP address
  • 5 email addresses
  • Domain Basic hosting
  • Installation starting at $160


/Per Month


  • 15/1 Mbps bandwidth
  • 1 static IP address
  • 10 email addresses
  • Domain Plus hosting
  • Installation starting at $160


/Per Month


  • 25/5 Mbps bandwidth
  • 5 static IP addresses
  • 20 email addresses
  • Domain Max hosting
  • Installation starting at $160


/Per Month